Digital Communication Steering Committee


The goal of digital governance at UNH is to establish a framework to develop strategy, standards and policies for digital communications, including and associated websites, the UNH Mobile App and the UNH Portal.

This governance framework will support protection of the UNH brand and reputation, ensure a user-experience-oriented navigation, and ensure the most effective and efficient management strategy.

Digital governance will provide a framework that provides effective messaging; accurate, consistent and high-quality content; and easy access to resources and services for the UNH community.

These assets and activities are critical to the core academic mission of the university as well as to efforts that strengthen recruitment, advancement and research, and reflect the impact of UNH on the state of New Hampshire.


The purpose of the Digital Communication Steering Committee is to:

  • Develop and articulate strategies for aligning UNH digital assets with UNH strategic goals and aspirations
  • Review, approve and oversee implementation of standards, policies and practices developed by the web governance, UNH Mobile App and UNH Portal teams
  • Provide oversight for the web governance, UNH Mobile App and UNH Portal teams
  • Review, approve and prioritize Web and Mobile Development projects and requests
  • Review and resolve noncompliance issues
  • Provide reporting on the activities around digital governance to the Executive Steering Committee


Comprising vice president and director-level stakeholders, including representatives from Academic Affairs, Faculty Senate, VPFA, Enrollment Management, Student Affairs, Advancement, Communications & Public Affairs, Academic Technology and UNH IT.