Digital Communication Governance Team


The goal of digital governance at UNH is to establish a framework of strategy, standards and policies for in order to protect the UNH brand and reputation, as well as to ensure the most effective and efficient management strategy.

Digital governance will establish an environment that provides effective messaging to support strategic goals and areas of focus. In order to achieve these goals, representation and engagement from UNH stakeholders is essential in the development and continued evolution of a digital governance framework.


The Digital Communication Governance Team will:

  • Provide representation of digital stakeholders to ensure framework guidelines meet the needs of the UNH community
  • Develop and document digital strategy, standards and practices to govern current and future digital communication at UNH
  • Escalate and mobile application development requests to the Digital Communication Steering Committee as appropriate for review and determination
  • Provide transparency into projects and requests through


The Digital Communication Governance Team will comprise professionals who represent positions directly involved in working with the applications and technologies that enable development and support of the environment from a technical and content perspective.

Members will serve for one year and may be reappointed.