DCYF Staff Ongoing Training NO Credit Resources

The following courses are available to DCYF staff as self-guided refresher courses only and credit will not be given on your training record in Bridges. To access these courses you will log into Moodle as a guest. Please see below for directions on how to log into Moodle as a Guest.

Accessing Moodle as a Guest

  • Go to https://lms.nh.gov/dhhs/dcyf
  • Scroll down to the “Course Categories”
  • Click on “DCYF NO CREDIT Reference Courses”
  • Click on “Core Academy Courses – NO Credit” or “DCYF Ongoing/Advanced – NO CREDIT Courses”
  • Find the course you wish to review and click on the course
  • Click “Log in as guest”
Accessing Moodle as a guest

NO CREDIT Courses Offered

  • 6 Core Strategies for Residential: Promoting Therapeutic Environments and Reducing the Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Treatment Settings
  • Field Reversals
  • ADA Communication Toolkit
  • CANS Assistance Email/Support
  • Temporary Youth Cottage (SYSC)

DCYF Staff can send an email to: support@tcomtraining.com in order to get support on passing the NH CANS 2.0 certification test. CANS Trainers from the Praed Foundation/TCOM will communicate with staff virtually and offer support to the worker in answering their questions and coaching them in their comprehension of the CANS material.