Partners for Change

Partners for Change Project

 Dartmouth Trauma Interventions Research Center (DTIRC)

Collaborative Trauma-Informed Child Welfare System

A Partnership with NH DCYF

Our shared vision is to improve the social-emotional well-being and developmentally appropriate functioning of children and families served by NH DCYF, and optimizing DCYF’s effectiveness in meeting the needs of the families it serves.

The goal of this 5 year project is to increase the availability and quality of evidence-based trauma and mental health screening, assessment, and interventions for youth in the child welfare system. 


Funded by the U.S. DHHS, ACF, Children’s Bureau – ACCESS 2012-2017

  • Early, effective screening for mental health conditions
      • Create universal screening and assessment process
  • Improved ongoing case planning
      • Functional and outcome-oriented case planning
  • Improved access to evidence-informed mental health services
      • Service array configuration changes
  • Improved youth and family wellbeing
      • DCYF policies and practices are evidence-based and effective

PFC Contact Information:

Project Director:

Kay Jankowski, Ph.D.


Project Coordinators:

Cassie Yackley, Psy.D.


Erin Barnett, Ph.D.


DIRTC Grant Staff:

Burl Daviss, MD

Sarah Stearns, Ph.D.

Martha Robb, Ph.D.

Stanley Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Center for Program Evaluation & Design at Dartmouth (CPED)


NH DCYF Grant Staff:

Eileen Mullen, MSW

Catherine Meister, BA



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