CPE Resource Library Available Online

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Saturday, September 15, 2012 - 8:02am

CPE is pleased to announce that we now offer access to a list of our Child Welfare Resource Library holdings through the CPE website!  This service is different from the links to the online publications available through the Child Welfare Information Gateway that we offer in each edition of the Excellence in Training Quarterly.  Rather, these are books, journals, articles, and movies that you can check out from our library in the Dolloff Building in Concord. This means that staff will be able to quickly and easily browse the library's holdings and then reserve resources that address a wide variety of topics.  The CPE Resource Library includes items that cover topics including Substance Abuse, Training, Gender, LGBT issues, Management, Professional Development, Resources, Children's Literature, Journals, Social Work topics, Mental Health, Cultural Competency, Adolescent topics, Child Development, and many, many more.  

In order to access the library, simply surf to the CPE website (www.unh.edu/cpe), choose Library from the menu at the top of the page, and then click CPE Resource Library from the drop down menu.  

To receive a book, simply identify the resource you'd like to request (search by Title, Author's Last Name, or Topic), and then either call 603-271-4732 or email your request to Diane Behrens at diane.behrens@unh.edu.

We look forward to continuing to build the library in the future and would enjoy hearing your suggestions for resources to add.

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Ben Martin