Core Academy Pre-assignments

Core Academy pre-assignments currently available for download are listed below by training title. The trainings are listed in alphabetical order:

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Tier 2 A Trauma-Informed Approach to Assessing the Mental Health Needs of Families

The pre-assignments for this training include two webinars. Links to both of these webinars are below. Please note that each webinar has an associated knowledge check which enables you to earn training credit for these webinars. The knowledge check for Understanding and Administering the Mental Health Screening Tool (MHST) must be downloaded and forwarded to CPE. The knowledge check for Trauma and Its Impact on Children in Child Welfare may be submitted electronically. In addition, if you have the opportunity to watch another CPSW or JPPO complete the Mental Health Screening Tool between now and the training, we encourage that. Feel free to also work with the tool to gain a better understanding of it. If accessible to you, please request that an iPad be brought from your office to the training, as information from the MHST will be entered into Qualtrics. Please email your Training Specialist at CPE with any questions.

Tier 2 Art of Mentoring

Tier 2 Legal Aspects of Juvenile Probation & Parole

Tier 2 Separation, Placement, and Reunification in Solution-Based Child Protection

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