UNH Durham Returns to In-Person Classes Feb. 24; Remains Under Other Orange Restrictions

Feb. 21, 2021

Dear Durham Faculty, Staff and Students—

Since our update Thursday afternoon, we continue to see a decline in the number of positive COVID cases. Thank you for your commitment to our public health guidelines and continued effort to slow the spread. With this decline and the fact that we continue to see no transmission in teaching spaces, we will resume in-person classes Wednesday, Feb. 24 (classes that meet once a week may begin Monday or Tuesday; please check Canvas/MyCourses and email). All other orange operations restrictions will stay in place until further notice.

Resuming in-person classes Wednesday gives us two days to ensure technology is working and provides flexibility for thoughtful transition to minimize any negative impact on learning. Some classes are easier to transition than others. Instructors, please have patience with students who need to reintegrate into the testing protocols. Students, have patience as instructors transition from online back to in-person activities.

We continue to closely monitor the data. If these encouraging trends continue after the next complete testing cycle (Thursday), we will further reduce the restrictions and hope to get back to yellow operations Monday, March 1. We have successfully demonstrated that we can slow the spread. Please continue to stay vigilant and again, thank you for your commitment to our public health guidelines and efforts to slow the spread.


James W. Dean Jr.

Reminder: If you left the Durham area and your Wildcat Pass has become invalid you must drop off a test and get a negative result before it is reactivated and you can access on-campus buildings. You can do this by dropping off a sample at UNH at least 24 hours before returning to campus (please note the lab is closed Sunday) or getting a PCR test from a third party provider within 8 days before returning and uploading the results here. Those results take at least one business day to be approved; please plan accordingly. Your Wildcat Pass must be valid before you return to campus.