Health & Safety

Visit UNH Health & Wellness for the most up-to-date coronavirus health and safety information.

  • On-campus testing provided for all students, staff and faculty prior to the start of classes as well as regularly throughout the semester that began with a phased return to research
  • Comprehensive tracing in partnership with the N.H. Department of Health and Human Services and dedicated quarantine and isolation housing
  • Population density limited to enable physical (social) distancing in classrooms, dining halls, residence halls, offices and other public spaces
  • While at work, in class, and in public common areas, community members will wear a cloth face covering to help protect against the spread of the virus
  • Public health campaign was launched to ensure students, faculty and staff follow all public health and safety guidelines
  • Health and safety supplies, sanitation stations, testing and physical distancing guidelines were put in place
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms and other high-touch surfaces