Submit a Proposal

Step 1: Determine if a digital badge is the right solution
  • Does the credential provide a benefit to students that will help them to advance their educational, professional and/or life goals?
  • What are the benefits to a perspective employer?
  • Can additional credentials be added to offer value?
  • Does the credential have value locally or nationally?
Step 2: Develop your micro-credential and submit your proposal

Review UNH Badging Taxonomy to determine style and type.

Please use the Micro-Credential Proposal Form to submit new proposals. PDF Version for review

Micro-Credential Proposal Form


Step 3: University-Level Review

ll proposals are reviewed monthly by the micro-credential governance board. The board will provide feedback, including any recommended revisions. Please allow one month for this process.  If revisions are recommended, please work with xx to make suggested changes.

When a proposal is finalized it will be presented to the sponsor.  If approved, the digital badge service owner will create the badge and notify the requestor