Floor Plans

  • Photo of Holloway Commons facility at night

Large and Small Meeting Facilities

There are a wide variety of meeting spaces available on the beautiful UNH campus, located 20 minutes from the NH Seacoast, an hour from Boston, MA, and 45 minutes from Manchester, NH, and Portland, ME. The facilities located at the historic Huddleston Hall and modern Holloway Commons are just a sample of what UNH has to offer. Contact us today to learn more about other campus venues available for your next meeting.


Holloway Commons

Map of Holloway Commons

Huddleston Hall

Huddleston Hall Map

A historic ballroom with beautiful wood architecture.
4,183 Sq. Ft.
Banquet: 180
Lecture: 300







Room Information

Piscataqua Room

Squamscott Room

Cocheco Room Lamprey Room

Salmon Falls Room

4214 Sq. Ft. (All three rooms open)
Lecture: 300/Classroom: 200
Banquet (10): 260
Banquet (8): 200

2417 Sq. Ft.
Lecture: 140/Classroom: 120
Banquet (10): 140
Banquet (8): 120

857 Sq. Ft.
Lecture: 60/Classroom: 40
Banquet (10): 50
Banquet (8): 40

596 Sq. Ft.
Lecture: 24

334 Sq. Ft.
Lecture: 27/Classroom: 16

940 Sq. Ft.
Lecture: 75/Classroom: 50
Banquet (10): 60
Banquet (8): 48


Please inquire directly for information on additional campus facilities available for your event.