Campus Facilities

  • Paul College courtyard at night

Summer Conference Facilities

Remember those beautiful college campuses you see in movies where the scenery is breathtaking and you can just imagine yourself strolling through? That’s the UNH campus, where your summer conference will be – minus the student population. We love our students, but we also love giving our summer conference guests the run of the place while they’re here!

Nestled in the midst of Durham, NH, a town with as much character and personality as our university, everything you’ll need to suit your conference agenda is right here. There is plenty of space for business conferences and seminars, small and large meetings, indoor and outdoor team-building activities, theaters, and recreational facilities.

Plan an experience to remember

This all means that when you’re planning your conference, either with one of our professional event planners or on your own if you have experience in this area, the sky is the limit. Think outside the box and plan a summer conference nobody will forget. Most importantly, your guests will be motivated and energized, which means they’ll be more productive and more likely to participate more.

To learn more about our summer conference facilities and for suggestions on some activities you can incorporate into your experience, contact us today.