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August 13, 2015
Table set with chairs and linens under tent

Welcome to a good catering experience

Ever had a bad catering experience? Truth is, you might not even know you have. If you’re ever used a catering service and your event still felt like work, well, there’s a bad experience. Enter University of New Hampshire Conferences and Catering (that’s us!). Simplest way to put it is: We do all the work.

Our goal is for you, as the host, to smile, mingle, eat, and just enjoy yourself. What a concept! That concept of “us doing all the work” includes travelling, too.

Off-campus catering

Not only will we do all the work, we’ll come to you. A common misconception is that because our conferences and catering operation is based on the UNH campus in Durham, we don’t handle events off campus. FALSE! We take our act on the road and travel around the region, and have been doing so for more than 25 years.

That includes the cooking and food prep equipment (although with some items it makes more sense to prep them in our kitchens and bring them to the venue), the food and beverage, and everything right down to the cutlery and tablecloths! We’re mobile. We’re willing. We’re able.

Catered event locations

You may have a particular place in your hometown, on the grounds of your business headquarters or another special place that you’d like to host your event. One of our event planners will be happy to help make the arrangements for you so that you aren’t dealing with any back-and-forth communication that may be required. As for that location… this is New England, so outdoors is always an appealing option. Just remember to be prepared for New England weather! If the forecast is iffy, we can help arrange for a tent or covered area just in case.

New England event planners

We can’t stress enough that our event planners are professional, detail-oriented and full of ideas. Don’t feel like you have to come to us with every aspect of your event already planned out. That’s where we come in. A quick conversation with us and we can make your catered event a reality, so get in touch today.

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