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August 15, 2014
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Better food, better for you

Never has so much emphasis been placed on healthy eating, and for one simple reason: Knowledge. We know so much more than we used to about what we should and shouldn’t be putting into our bodies. So as we human types continue to evolve, we continue to learn more about the value of good dietary habits. For most, eating tempting, less-healthy foods is still OK in moderation, but more and more we’re understanding the value in finding healthier options that also taste good.

Our chefs know this and, to be truthful, have for a very long time. So while many culinary operations are beginning to advertise healthy menu options, it’s the norm around here and has been for years. Yes, better food can be better for you.

Local recipe ingredients

We’re fortunate to live and work in an area where a great value is placed on fresh, locally grown ingredients – not to mention the fact that we’re located near the ocean – and our chefs incorporate those things into their catering game plans whenever possible. Grass-fed beef from local farms, vegetables, greens and herbs from our own gardens, apples from nearby orchards, locally made cheeses, and even edible flowers for garnishes from area florists are all used in the menus our chefs create.

Aside from all those items, we also offer whole-wheat pasta, tofus, rices and barley, legumes, and more. Not only does using these ingredients lend itself to better health, it also helps when we receive special requests from our customers.

Cater to dietary restrictions

Oftentimes when we’re catering an event, people have certain dietary restrictions. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free - we can cover it! That’s an important detail to notify us of prior to the event, because we can accommodate any dietary limitations a guest might have.

Contact us today and let’s talk about what type of menu will win your guests over! Even better, schedule a time to come in and sample some healthy food that tastes out of this world.

Have your cake and eat it, too

Looking for something sweet to help celebrate spring? Here's our healthy take on a classic dessert recipe that has been a big hit with our guests. Healthy chocolate cake! With a healthier frosting?! Behold!

Vegan chocolate cake with frosting

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Pre-heat convection oven to 325 F on low fan.

Spray and parchment line two 8” round cake pans; set aside.

5 cups of all-purpose flour

3 cups of organic sugar

¾ cup of organic unsweetened cocoa

1 T. plus 1.5 t. of baking soda

1.5 t. of iodized salt

Sift the dry ingredients and set aside in a large bowl.

3 cups of water

1 cup of either canola oil or regular olive oil

3 T. of red wine vinegar

1 T. of pure vanilla extract

Whisk the wet together. Fold the wet into the dry. Divide batter between the two pans and place in the oven. Bake for 20 minutes, turn and back until a toothpick comes out clean (final baking times may vary).


5 cups of vegan chocolate chips

1 and 1/4 cups of hot coffee

Pour the hot coffee over the chocolate chips in a bowl to melt.

When it has cooled, whip the chocolate mixture with 16 oz. of vegan soy margarine until smooth, light and fluffy.

You can either ice just the outside of the cake or slice each cake into two or three layers and spread organic jam and some of the icing between the layers for more moisture. Then finish my icing the outside of the cake.

**To make this gluten free as well…

Substitute King Arthur Gluten Free Multi-Purpose Flour for the all-purpose flour.
Make sure to use a gluten free vanilla extract.

Make sure the chocolate chips are gluten free.

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