Reflection/Engagement Program (REP)

The Reflection/Engagement Program (REP) is offered through Community Standards as a sanction for students who were found responsible for violating the Student Code. REP is designed to be student-specific and takes into account each student's unique situation and needs. REP offers students an opportunity to reflect on the incident they were involved in, while working with our staff to ensure they remain on a path to personal, academic, and professional success.

The goals of REP are to help students:

  • clarify their own personal values and understand how those values relate to the choices they are making;
  • understand the very real, and potential long term, impact of the choices they make;
  • begin the process of making well informed and potentially different choices in their future; and
  • take advantage of all UNH has to offer academically and socially.

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A student participating in REP will complete:

  • 4 meetings with Community Standards staff
  • 10 engagements
  • a reflection paper
  • 10 hours of community service

Responsibility to Complete

When a student is assigned REP as a sanction, they are required to complete the program. Failure to do can result in additional disciplinary action, including further violations of the Student Code (which may be considered a strike under the university's "Three Strike Policy").

REP Lite

At times, a student may be sanctioned to a "Lite" version of REP. This program consists of:

  • 2 meetings with Community Standards staff
  • 5 engagements
  • a reflection paper

Students sanctioned to complete REP Lite should schedule a first REP meeting with our office via the schedule link above.