Medical Amnesty

Medical Amnesty (Student Code, Article V, Section G) can be requested when a student acts on behalf of another student and requests help to emergency personnel or a UNH staff member for a condition stemming from the use of alcohol. Both the student(s) offering assistance and the student in need of medical attention have the option of filing for Medical Amnesty. If Medical Amnesty is determined to be applicable, the student involved shall attend an alcohol awareness course provided by UNH Health & Wellness. Pending completion of the alcohol awareness course the student will be found not responsible for the alcohol violation(s) of the Student Code.

Guidelines for Medical Amnesty
  • Medical Amnesty may be granted for the student needing medical attention once per student as long as the student is enrolled at UNH.
  • A student acting on behalf of another student needing medical attention may be granted medical amnesty more than once.
  • Students who wish to apply for Medical Amnesty will have to do so within two business days after meeting with the complainant.  The student must submit the Medical Amnesty Petition to the Community Standards office. The student must have proof that professional help was requested.
  • Prior alcohol violations could reduce a student’s likelihood of being granted Medical Amnesty.
  • Parents or legal guardians of the student applying for Medical Amnesty will be notified of the student’s arrest by the police as per the normal process. Parents or legal guardians will be notified of the student’s conduct violation(s) through the Community Standards office as per the normal process allowed under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • The student applying for medical amnesty will assume the costs associated with the alcohol awareness course.