Level I Process

Level I sanctions apply to a Report of Violation where the highest recommended sanction does not impact the responding student’s access to academic and social opportunities. Examples of Level I sanctions include:

  • Warning
  • Reflection Paper
  • Bulletin Board
  • Apology Letter
  • Attend Program/Event
  • Educational Conversation: Professional Staff

After the Report of Violation is prepared and sent to the student, there are three different possible next steps.

  1. The student does not ask for a meeting -- If the student accepts responsibility for the charge, the student should notify the complainant and CS by following a link in the Report of Violation that generates an email response.
  2. Complainant or student asks to meet -- for Level I sanctions a meeting with the student is optional, but this is the student’s opportunity to discuss the incident with the complainant. It also offers a good chance to learn more about what it means to be a member of the community and the standards which one must follow. If the responding student would like to meet with the complainant they may use the link provided in their Report of Violation notice to schedule a meeting. That meeting must be scheduled within two school days of receiving the Report of Violation.
  3. The student takes no action: If the responding student does not contact the complainant within two school days, the finding of responsibility and sanctions are final.
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