Conduct Information for Students

We recognize that going through the conduct process can be stressful for a student and that there are many aspects to be aware of. We encourage all students to review the information we have available on our website to learn and understand student conduct at UNH. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Community Standards.

Know the Code

The Student Code is the agreed upon expectations and policies that all students are required to follow while they are a student at UNH.

Read the Student Code          THREE STRIKES POLICY


The conduct system at UNH has three levels, which dictates the amount of process awarded to a student. The level utilized is dependent upon the potential sanctions associated with the alleged violation. Not sure which level process applies to your case? See the Report of Violation (ROV) that you received.

Level I Process

Level II Process

Level III Process


Sanctions are disciplinary consequences imposed on students who have been found responsible for violating the Student Code

General Sanction Information

Sanction Guidelines

Reflection/Engagement Program (REP)

Mass Gatherings

Hearing Guide

If you are attending a hearing as a respondent, we encourage you check out our online hearing guide. It provides detailed information about what to expect and how to prepare.

read the hearing guide

Resources & Support

Below are a list of various resources and support that are available to students.

MediCal Amnesty


Eviction Resources

Suspension Resources

Title IX & Sexual Violence

To learn about the reporting process and University response for incidents of discrimination and sexual harassment (including sexual assault, unwanted sexual contact, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, relationship abuse, dating violence, and stalking), see the Affirmative Action & Equity Office website.

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