UNH Academic Support Offices

UNH Mathematics Center (MaC)

Purpose: The UNH Mathematics Center (MaC) is a tutoring center for all UNH students  sponsored by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. MaC offers walk-in help to students enrolled in any of several mathematics courses at UNH. The service is FREE and no appointments are necessary. The staff can help with homework, check homework answers, and assist with other course material. Computers with internet capability, and WiFi are also available in the MaC for access to Blackboard and other online homework programs.

The Robert J. Connors Writing Center

The Connors Writing Center is a place where all members of the UNH community—students, faculty, and staff—are welcome to discuss their writing with trained writing assistants.  The writing assistants come from many academic backgrounds and work with students on all forms of writing during any stage in the writing process.  They are undergraduate and graduate students at UNH who are passionate about writing and who love discussing writing with others.

UNH Programming Assistance Center (PAC)

The UNH Programming Assistance Center (PAC) is a place where students can get help with programming assignments and studying for exams. When the semester is in full swing, it is open every day of the week and the staff can answer questions about Java and C, with some limited support for PHP/MySQL, VisualBasic, and MATLAB. You can drop into Kingsbury room N216 for help whenever they're open, or they can set you up with a tutor who you can meet with an hour or two per week if you need additional help.