TRIO Scholar Activities

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TRIO Scholar activities

Fall 2017 Calendar

Your relationship with your educational counselor is central to your participation as a TRIO Scholar, so you can count on having at least a couple of individual meetings together. You and your counselor design a customized participation plan that meets your individual interests, need, and goals. Opportunities available to you include:

  • Peer mentoring on college “success” skills, like how college homework is different from high school homework; what college  professors expect from you—and what you can expect from them; managing social time with study time; and all other aspects of being a student

  • Individualized subject area tutoring
  • Peer facilitated study group instruction for selected courses
  • Tools and sessions on effective study skills and test-taking strategies
  • Scholarship search assistance

  • FAFSA and federal financial aid assistance

  • Debt management and personal budgeting planning

  • Assistance selecting courses that keep you on track toward graduation while developing your knowledge and personal interests
  • Career and major exploration
  • Counseling and coaching for students with disabilities
  • Advice on finding part-time jobs and managing work and study schedules
  • Graduate school advising and GRE preparation
And you willl be invited to attend  events with other TRIO Scholars, giving you a chance to make friends, establish new connections, and to just plain relax with people whe share a common expereince.