Scholarship and Grant Resources Outside UNH

There are many places to find scholarship funding outside of UNH. Because of the vast number of resources out there, you will need to prioritize your efforts. After you have determined what funding is available to you through UNH, find out what external funding may be available to you.

Scholarship Resources Through Your Hometown/Personal Network

Get ready to knock on some doors and make phone calls. Many towns, counties, local businesses and civic/community organizations have funding available for residents. Check with your Chamber of Commerce, former high school, and town librarian to help you identify those local resources that offer scholarships to students in your home town area. 

Speak with your parents and other relatives. Ask what type of funding may be available through work, labor unions, credit unions, and civic/religious/fraternal organizations to which they belong, e.g., labor unions provide scholarships annually. Contact your own current and past employers and any clubs or organizations to which you belong.

If you currently hold a local scholarship that was originally awarded for one year, ask the funding source if it may be continued. Inform the funding source how the scholarship was instrumental in your success, provide evidence of your success -- grades, activities, etc., -- and document your on going need to continue the scholarship. If the funding source is unable to continue the scholarship, ask the funding source personnel if they know of other funding sources who may assist you.

Out of State Students 

Locate your state higher education agency here.

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

This is a great resource for students who learn and think differently!


this list is in progress, stay tuned for updates.  January 27, 2020