Money Management

Here are some resources for managing your money, investing, and paying off student loans.

CASH Course


CASH Course  at UNH is your real life guide to taking charge of your money. On this website you'll find:

  •  Free online financial education courses through instructor assignments or self-study
  • Customizable financial tools such as worksheets, a Budget Wizard, quizzes and calculators
  • A personal dashboard to track your progress
  • Articles and resources on topics that students can relate to
  • A guide to real-life money questions 


Smart About Money


 You try to be physically healthy. Watch what you eat. Exercise. But are you doing the right things to be financially healthy too? Consider the experts at Smart About Money your partners in financial fitness and long-term wealth health. provides free online courses, budgeting tools, and a free life values quiz to help you make good financial decisions. 


S.A.L.T.  is powered by the nonprofit American Student Assistance® (ASA) and features an easy online platform and one-on-one counseling to help you plan for, pay for, and repay the cost of a degree. Get the confidence you need to ensure a successful financial future with:

  • Guidance on the best ways to pay for school, so you can obtain a degree, but not the stress that comes with determining how to pay for it.
  • Personalized student loan help so you can make borrowing and repayment decisions that fit your life.
  • Money management advice and straightforward budgeting tools that build your financial skills.

National Student Loan Data System

Photo of savings and textbooks

The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is the U.S. Department of Education's (ED's) central database for student aid. You can view your federal loans and grants,  check your loan status, update your contact information, and find answers to common questions about financial aid. 

Finding Financial Zen in College


Finding Financial Zen in College is a great blog post from UNH Tales. The author  shares her journey to financial wellness.