Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? The following list contains the most common questions we hear. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please contact us or stop by during drop-in hours.

Yes, any UNH undergraduate may use CFAR services. We recommend that all students, especially first year and transfer students, visit CFAR within their first few weeks of classes. 

CFAR isn't just for students who are struggling in their courses. Many students just want to learn how to study more efficiently so they can better manage their time. Some are very high performing students who want to keep a high GPA for scholarships, graduate school. etc.

Come to CFAR drop-in hours as soon as you know you're having difficulty. We can help you with strategies to get back on track and/or refer you to other campus resources.  It is always a good idea to talk to your professor and/or TAs  during office hours. 

CFAR does not provide subject area tutoring, but we can help you with strategies to help you learn the material. We can also coach you on how to hire a tutor.  In addition, students eligible for TRIO Student Support Services may  be able to receive free content tutoring.

In the rare case where a student can’t use drop-in ours, please contact us at or call 603-862-3698 and we'll try and work something out.

CFAR can help you find strategies, make a  study plan, or refer you to other campus resources. The Student Accessibility Services office is where students experiencing a disability can request accommodations; we share a reception area.

We can try, but it is so much better to get connected with CFAR as early as possible.  All students, even if they think their courses will be easy, can benefit from working with CFAR.

Not really. CFAR houses UNH TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) and many of our staff share their time, but TRIO SSS is a separate program for eligible students. Go here to learn more about TRIO SSS.

We are. We realize this is a major disruption in student's lives and adjusting to a drastic change in course delivery can be difficult.  We are here via email, virtual drop-in hours, and "ask a mentor" resources.