Danelis Ajaezi




 Danelis is the TRIO Scholars Coordinator at CFAR and is also an Educational Counselor. As the TRIO Scholars Coordinator, Danelis works closely with a grant-funded TRIO/SSS program focused on students in their first year (and beyond) who are first in their family to attend college and have a high financial need.

She is a UNH Alum who has worked in Admissions as a Diversity Student Ambassador and participated in TRIO through Student Support Services and the McNair Scholars Program. Upon receiving her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Danelis went on to earn her master’s in Sociology from Syracuse University. She has experience in the areas of health (specifically nutrition), nonprofit organizations and has worked with the McNair Scholars Program on campus.

Danelis is passionate about closing the gap of accessibility to higher education for historically underrepresented communities. A big part of this passion comes from her own background and knowing the importance of support and mentoring. 

Outside of work, Danelis enjoys spending time with her husband and family, as well as learning how to live a healthy and more present life by reading books, articles, watching videos, and attending seminars.

After spending some time away from the UNH campus, she is very excited to be engaging with students again!