Content Tutoring

TRIO eligible students may be able to receive one on one tutoring free of charge.

Tutoring is supplemental education, designed to support your understanding of the material from lecture, lab, and your textbook.  Solid study strategies are key  to making the most out of working with a tutor.

TRIO SSS  has a trained staff of outstanding peer tutors. To get connected, TRIO students should get in touch with their TRIO counselor or connect with CFAR via Zoom, chat, or email for the fall 2020 semester.

Not part of TRIO? CFAR may be able to help you find a private pay tutor. Visit during CFAR drop in hours or go to our tutoring resource page here.

Want to be a tutor?


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For more information, contact Christine Zaimes, TRIO/SSS Tutor Coordinator

TUTORS NEEDED-- ADMN 503/503--BIOL 411/412--BMCB 658/751--BMS 507/508 --CHEM 403/404/405--CHEM 545/651/652--TUTORS NEEDED--ECON 401--FOREIGN LANGUAGES--MATH 418--MATH 424--MATH 425-MATH 427--TUTORS NEEDED--PHYS 401/402--PHYS 407/408--STATS: ADMN 420--BIOL 528--MATH 644--PSYC 402--SOC 502--