Chemistry 404

Welcome to the CHEM 404 resource page! A list of major topics and subtopics are listed below. Click on the blue button to access video tutorials for each topic.  The videos are carefully selected for quality of content, depth of coverage, and alignment with course material.* Use the videos to preview, review, or enhance your understanding of course content.  


Lewis Structures (review)

VESPR (review)

Molecular Polarity (review)

Valence Bond Theory

Sigma & Pi Bonds


Hydrocarbon Nomenclature


Functional Groups


Physical States & Phase Changes

Phase Diagrams

Heat of Vaporization/Fusion

Vapor Pressure

Intermolecular Forces


What is Equilibrium?

Equilibrium Constant

Le Chatelier's Principle

Reaction Quotients

ICE (RICE) Tables

Acid & Base Definitions

pH & pOH

Conjugate Pairs

Strong vs. weak acids/bases

Dissociation Constant

Acid/Base Equilibrium

Henderson Hasselbalch (Buffers)


Titration Problems

Enthalpy (review)

Hess's Law (review)

Heat of Formation (review)


Gibbs Free Energy

Gibb's Free Enery & Spontaneity 

Equilibrium Constant & Gibbs

Collision Theory

Reaction Rate

Rate Laws

Rate-Determining Step

Arrhenius Equation

What Affects Rate?


Oxidation/Reduction Intro

Intro to Electrochem

Galvanic Cells

Cell Potentials


*The topics listed below are commonly covered in college-level chemistry courses. This list may not be inclusive of all material covered in your class, but will cover the main ideas. Be sure to review topics not covered below on your own and review only the topics listed on your syllabus.


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