CFAR Mission and Philosophy

The Center for Academic Resources supports students as they endeavor to achieve their best academically. At CFAR we understand that intelligence is not inherent; it is achieved through experience and effort. We teach the skills, strategies, and behaviors that promote deep learning. Deep learning prepares students to apply their knowledge to new environments and experiences well beyond their college courses.

We believe that:

  • we have something to offer all undergraduates
  • students learn more by studying smarter, not harder
  • every student has the potential to improve their learning and reach a new potential

We teach:

  • active learning skills
  • skills that promote academic effectiveness and critical thinking

We provide:

  • information and referrals to local resources
  • counseling and guidance to remove barriers to learning and academic success

We encourage students:

  • to develop active learning approaches
  • to engage in the learning process
  • to harness proactive life skills, including establishing educational goals and setting priorities