Teaching and Learning Themed Special Interest Group

The Teaching and Learning Themed Special Interest Group is a 4-part semester-long workshop series on a themed topic related to teaching and learning. During each of the hour-long workshops, CEITL staff work closely with participants on workshop activities specifically designed for their courses.

Dates: See in Description
Time: 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Location: Conant Hall G02
CEITL Participation: 1 point

 Participants who complete all four components of this series will receive a CEITL T-SIG Award of Participation Certificate, and receive a total of 6 Points toward the CEITL Participation Certificate  (4 points for each workshop, 2 bonus points). 

Please register by 1 week prior to each date.

Spring Semester 2020 Theme:

Assess, Augment, and Amplify Your Teaching from Student, Self, and Peer Input

There are many ways that teachers can assess and improve their teaching and their students’ learning. In this TSIG, we will consider several sources of input that teachers can use to assess, augment, and amplify their teaching and their students’ learning beginning with reviewing measures for effective teachers, to interpreting results of your UNH Student Evaluation of Teaching results, to peer observation of teaching, and finally, to developing an assessment plan going forward.

Session 1: Characteristics of Effective Teachers and Effective Teaching (in face-to face, online, and hybrid course formats).

We will discuss results from the Teaching Behavior Checklist (Buskist and colleagues) and other measures that identify behaviors manifested by effective (and ineffective) teachers.

Date: Monday, 2/10/20 OR Tuesday, 2/11/20

Session 2: Making the Most of Your UNH Student Evaluation of Teaching Results 

What it does and does not measure, what it is and is not “good for,” how to identify and address sources of bias in students’ ratings, etc. We will also discuss how you can supplement the standard UNH form with questions specifically of interest to you in a course.

Date: Monday, 2/24/20 OR Tuesday, 2/25/20

Session 3: Peer Assessment of Your Teaching: How to Structure it and How to Make the Most of Assessment Results

How to structure it and how to make the most of assessment results. we will consider several models of peer assessment of teaching and work on developing a plan whereby you and one or more colleagues can serve as peer assessors of each other’s teaching.

Date: Monday, 3/9/20 OR Tuesday, 3/10/20

Session 4: Following Through on a Plan to Make Good Teaching Even Better

Each participant will finalize an assessment plan that will be used going forward.

Date: Monday, 3/23/20 OR Tuesday, 3/24/20


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