Talk About Teaching Series

WORKSHOPS: During the academic year, CEITL offers a series of "Talk About Teaching" workshops on topics of interest to faculty. These workshops are typically held around the lunch hour. All part- and full-time faculty, graduate student teaching assistants, lecturers and teaching staff are invited to attend.

All Fall 2018 sessions will take place in the Memorial Union Building (MUB ). Please be sure to check the room for your session. 


Varied. See below. 

Light refreshments will be served. Please RSVP to attend one or more of the sessions.

Note: Talk About Teaching Workshops contribute 1-point to the CEITL Participation Certificate.


Fall 2018 Talk About Teaching Sessions


The three sessions for Fall 2018 are:

           1. Thursday, September 27 (12:30pm-2pm)

Academic Culture: International Students in the UNH Classroom
CEITL Participation: 1 point
Please register by  September 19, 2018
Memorial Union Building (MUB) Room 158

Acknowledging the increase of multilingual, international students in the University and the potential challenges that might arise due to such an increase, two lecturers from the UNH ESL Institute will introduce this first in a series of three workshops on aspects of teaching international students across UNH.

In this workshop, background data and current trends regarding international students on college campuses (with a focus on UNH) will be presented as a backdrop to potential obstacles and aspects of academic culture that multilingual students often encounter. Facilitators will initiate discussions on pedagogical approaches and solutions to potential cultural misunderstandings and classroom challenges through the use of case studies. Attendees are asked to bring a few examples of their own teaching experiences and challenges.

Nancy Sell, Senior Lecturer, ESL Institute

Rachel Lachance, Senior Lecturer, ESL Institute


2. Wednesday, October 10 (12:30pm-2:00pm)
Expanding Instruction with Design Thinking
CEITL Participation: 1 point
Please register by October 2, 2018
Memorial Union Building (MUB) Room 156

Bring your syllabus and learning objectives to this active, gamified workshop. Participants examine their course learning objectives and identify creative, objective-aligned technologies, practices, and student activities to help their students achieve the stated objectives. We will focus on the idea generation (Ideate) step of Design Thinking. You will brainstorm alternative solutions to instructional challenges, and explore new possibilities. We will look at the pros and cons around production effort and student engagement/outcomes. Evaluate the “learning power” of your chosen techniques, consult with Instructional Designers, and learn about the resources available to help you implement your new ideas.


AT Instructional Design and Development:
Scott Kimball, Manager, AT Instructional Design and Development
Xuan Cai, Instructional Designer
Fran Keefe, Instructional Designer
Ken Mitchell, Instructional Designer
April Rau, Instructional Designer
Marquis Walsh, Instructional Designer


           3. Wednesday, November 14 (12:30pm-2:00pm) 

Prior Knowledge is More than Content: Skills and Beliefs Also Impact Learning
CEITL Participation: 1 point

Please register by November 6, 2018
Memorial Union Building (MUB) Room 156 

Students’ prior knowledge is an influential predictor of academic learning. Many students come to our classrooms with some prior knowledge (for example, content, skills, beliefs, and attitudes) gained through life and other courses. As it turns out, prior knowledge can either hinder or help learning. For successful learning, prior knowledge should be activated, sufficient, appropriate, and accurate. In this workshop, participants will discuss strategies for a) activating prior knowledge, b) addressing insufficient prior knowledge, c) determining the quality and appropriate levels of students’ prior knowledge, and d) correcting inaccurate prior knowledge.


Catherine Overson, Interim Director, CEITL
Lauren Kordonowy, Science of Learning Project Director