Talk About Teaching Presentations - Fall 2019

Session II: Tuesday, October 8th (12:30pm-2pm)
CEITL Workshop Series: Feedback
CEITL Participation: 1 point
Memorial Union Building (MUB) Room 164

This was the first of three in a CEITL Workshop Series jointly sponsored by UNH Writing Center, Academic Technology, and CEITL. 

Part 1: 
Feedback Can Promote Learning:
How to Deliver it With Effect

Feedback can be a powerful tool to facilitate student learning and achievement; however, some types and circumstances of feedback are more effective than others. This workshop explored the notion of feedback as a psychological process. Beginning with the students’ perspective, we considered student course learning goals, where the student is in relation to those goals, and where to expect the next step – that is, where the student will be heading. We will examined the role of feedback as students move from novice to mastery, immediate versus delayed feedback, and positive versus negative feedback and the place of errors. 

To view the PowerPoint from this workshop, please click here.

Catherine Overson, Interim Director, CEITL

Session III: Thursday, October 24th (12:30pm-2pm)
The [Student] Cognition Toolbox: How You Can Help Students Boost Academic Performance, and How Students Can Help Themselves
CEITL Participation: 1 point
Memorial Union Building (MUB) Room 162

Cognitively-based study strategies promote student learning in academic courses, but many students are unaware that some strategies produce better learning outcomes than others; moreover, students often use strategies that can hinder their learning. In the fall of 2019, CEITL launched the Student Cognition Toolbox (SCT); a set of online instructional materials that will teach students cognitively-supported effective and efficient study strategies. A distinctive feature of the SCT is that lessons will include a practice component that will assist students in mastery of that strategy. Our modules cover a wide-range of study strategies, for example: elaborative interrogation, self-explanation, retrieval practice (practice quizzing), worked examples, spacing and interleaving of practice.

In this workshop, we described and demonstrated the SCT, which, delivered through the Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative platform, can be accessed through Canvas. This session demonstrated how you can incorporate the SCT into your courses, and how the SCT will teach students study skills that are appropriate for your learning outcomes.

To view the Powerpoint from this workshop, please click here.

Catherine Overson, CEITL
Lauren Kordonowy, CEITL
Meghan Stark, CEITL
Elizabeth Tappin, CEITL
Chris Williams, CEITL