Talk About Teaching Presentations - Fall 2018

Teaching international students: Are you ready?

Strategies for new and experienced faculty

Presenters: Nancy Sell and Rachel Lachance, ESL Institute

In collaboration with the Office of International Students and Scholars and UNH Global Student Success Program (GSSP)

Event Date: September 27, 2018

Acknowledging the increase of multilingual, international students in the University and the potential challenges that might arise due to such an increase, Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CEITL) presents a series of three workshops on aspects of teaching international students across UNH.

In this workshop, background data and current trends regarding international students on college campuses (with a focus on UNH) are presented as a backdrop to potential obstacles and aspects of academic culture that multilingual students often encounter. Workshop facilitators discuss pedagogical approaches and offer solutions to potential cultural misunderstandings and classroom challenges through the use of representative case studies.

International students in the U.S. and on UNH campus: trends and statistics

Some common language-related challenges and strategies to address them

Some common classroom challenges and strategies to address them

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Case study example

Workshop participants are discussing strategies to respond to one of the common classroom challenges: It is the second week of class and you notice a student in the second row who is constantly typing on his phone throughout your lecture. At the end of class, you stop the student on his way out and reiterate your cell phone policy. The student struggles to tell you that he was using his dictionary to look up unknown words on the PowerPoint presentation. Should you allow the student to continue to use his cell phone? How could you help the student?

Click here to explore the case studies and common classroom challenges discussed during the workshop – How would you respond to them?

Click here to explore some strategies for teaching international students when it comes to giving feedback on their written work, engaging students in collaborative activities, scaffolding students’ listening comprehension during lectures, enforcing academic integrity, and promoting classroom interactions and participation, among others.

A guide to pronouncing Chinese names

Campus resources for international and multilingual students and their faculty


To continue the conversation, please contact Nancy Sell at and Rachel Lachance at and/or come to the next workshops in our series:

Workshop 2: Internationalizing Your Teaching: Assessments, Interaction & Expectations (January 16th, 2019)

Facilitators: Nina Kositsky – Teaching & Learning Specialist, GSSP & John Lacourse – Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and GSSP faculty

Workshop 3: World Café: Building Discussions to Better Support International Learners (March 28th, 2019)

Facilitators: Nancy Sell, Rachel Lachance, Nina Kositsky, John Lacourse