Mid-Course Assessment Program (MAP)


Mid-Course Assessment Process (MAP)


All MAPs will be conducted online

The Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CEITL) coordinates a service by which faculty can receive feedback about their students’ learning during the semester. The MAP differs from the end-of semester teaching evaluation in several ways:


The primary benefit of a MAP is that it gives teachers information about their students’ perceptions of the course, with particular emphasis on what helps them learn, before the end of the semester. The feedback about the various features of the course is given in time for an instructor to make adjustments, if deemed necessary. An added benefit is that students are given a strong message that the instructor cares about how they are doing in the course.


Note: Beginning with the Fall 2017 semester, the MAP administration has changed.  All MAPs will now be conducted online, outside of Canvas in Qualtrics (UNH’s online survey software program). Streamlining the MAP procedure in this manner will allow for more faculty to participate in the MAP process. Instructors are encouraged to provide class time for students to complete the MAPs and students will have up to 24 hours after class to complete the MAP. This is to ensure the highest possible response rate and demonstrates to students that the feedback is important to you.

To conduct an online MAP, we ask that you notify your students about the MAP at least one week before your scheduled MAP. Remind students about the MAP one class session before your scheduled MAP. On the day of your scheduled MAP, we ask that you allow 15 minutes at the beginning or end of your class for students to complete the MAP. Students have up to 24 hours after class to access and complete the MAP.

To administer the MAP in class, follow these steps:

  • One week before your scheduled MAP:
    • Ask students to bring a laptop, tablet, or smart phone to class on that day in order to complete the MAP.
    • Inform students that their participation and feedback on the MAP is important to you, that this is a voluntary activity, and that no identifying information is collected electronically.
    • Email students the CEITL message informing them about what the MAP is and how to access the MAP online.
  • One class session before your scheduled MAP:
    • Remind students to bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone to class in order to complete the MAP in the next class meeting.
    • Explain to students why their participation matters to you.
  • On day of your scheduled MAP:
    • Announce in class that now is the time to take out their electronic devices and complete the MAP (via the link in the CEITL email).
    • Leave the room while the students are completing the MAP web-form.
    • Designate a student to retrieve you or call you if there is an issue or if everyone is done early.
    • If any students were unable to complete the MAP during class, inform them that the evaluation can be accessed up to 24 hours after class.

After the 24-hour window has closed, CEITL staff will provide a confidential MAP report, shared only with you, the course instructor. If you choose, we will make available a CEITL Faculty Fellow consultant to review the report with you and offer suggestions as appropriate. 

For a PDF of step-by-step instructions on how to administer a MAP in your course, please click here.

MAP Instrument:

Once in the Qualtrics MAP web-based form, students will anonymously respond to the following three questions:

  1. What has been the most helpful to your learning in this course so far?
  2. What has been the least helpful to your learning in this course so far?
  3. What suggestions can you offer to make this course a better learning experience?

Scheduling a MAP

You may schedule a MAP for any and all of your courses. You must complete a separate form for each course and section for which you want to have a MAP completed. All you will need to do is identify the class time and date you wish to administer your MAP in the request form. Click below to schedule your map.



We will make available for your students the Qualtrics link to your MAP at the beginning of your scheduled class time on the date you wish your MAP to take place.