January Teaching Workshops 2022

January Teaching Workshop Registration

January 2022 Workshop Series Schedule and Registration 

We invite you to join us for one or more of the January 2022 Workshops on College Teaching.  

All sessions:

  • Place: conducted by Zoom
  • Time: 9am – 11am  (Tuesday, Jan 18 has an additional afternoon session 2pm - 4pm)
  • CEITL Participation Certificate Point for each event

Below is the schedule:





Tues: 1/11/22

Working With CEITL on Course Research Projects to Promote Student Learning

Discover how you can work with CEITL staff to promote and assess student learning in courses you teach. Arrive with a teaching and learning research question and/or course issue you would like addressed. During this session, we will present on the following:
  • Working with CEITL on a course project to promote learning
  • Case studies: Two examples of semester-long projects
  • Explore examples of possible course-related research topics

Catherine Overson, Director, CEITL

Lauren Kordonowy, Science of Learning Program Coordinator, CEITL

Lou Ann Griswold, Associate Professor & Chair, Occupational Therapy

Karen Collins, Associate Professor, Kinesiology

Wed: 1/12/22

Setting Students up for Citation Success in the Era of Plagiarism Detection Software

Ease of access to online source material has led to a vibrant expansion in the range and types of sources utilized in student research projects. But has it also led to an atmosphere of plagiarism paranoia? In the twenty-two years since the launch of Turnitin, the use of software as a tool for detecting plagiarism has risen and fallen in popularity. But how has software and the threats it purports to detect influenced campus discussions surrounding citation and intellectual property?
  • During this workshop, we will discuss student and faculty experiences using software like Turnitin or Grammarly, low-stakes assignments to increase student knowledge of citation and intellectual property, and resources for supporting fair-use practices in the classroom and in scholarship.

Dr. Meaghan DittrichDirector of University Writing Programs

Dr. Kathrine AydelottAssociate Professor, Arts & Humanities Librarian

Dr. Cristy BeemerAssociate Professor of English and Director of Composition

Alicia Clark-BarnesAssociate Director of University Writing Programs

Nicole Cunningham-FrisbeyAssociate Director of University Writing Programs

Thurs: 1/13/22

Innovation Lab: Using Canvas Course Analytics to inform Course Design

Using analytic data, you can examine the relationship between student engagement and learning outcomes. You and your students can use this information to understand the learning process better and improve learning outcomes.

New Analytics is a Canvas tool that collects and analyzes student usage patterns, such as log-in information, participation in course activities, and grades. One of the most common usages of New Analytics is to identify students who are not doing well academically so you can take targeted interventions. Using New Analytics to track data like this can be very helpful in large classes. 

In this session, we will first introduce the New Analytics tool and then share some case scenarios to illustrate how to use New Analytics data to help with course design. 

Xuan Cai, Learning Architect, CEITL

Michael McIntire, Learning Architect, CEITL

Tues AM: 1/18/22

Facilitating Collaborative Learning in a Face-to-Face and/or Remote Course

‘Collaborative Learning’ is term identifying a variety of intentional learning activities that involve at least 2 learners engaged in group work. Collaborative exercises, when incorporated into course design, are conceived to facilitate students’ progress toward achieving learning outcomes.  We will review techniques for implementing various components of collaborative learning, including the use of technology, and explore a variety of collaborative learning techniques that can be used across disciplines for face-to-face, online, and large enrollment courses. 

Catherine Overson, Director, CEITL

Lauren Kordonowy, Science of Learning Program Coordinator, CEITL

Xuan Cai, Learning Architect, CEITL

Tues 2PM: 1/18/22

Building Racial Equity Into Your Curriculum

Are you interested in incorporating issues of DEI and racial equity into your course?

This session will share guidance, best practices and specific resources, including the UNH 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge (April 4-21, 2022) which provides an excellent opportunity to allow students to explore and consider issues of racial equity in the context of your course. The Challenge is an engagement tool that includes a set of resources and prompts focused on deepening understanding of, and a willingness to confront racial inequities and racism. It provides a framework to go beyond individual or interpersonal racism by also addressing the impacts of structural and institutional racism. Session will include voices of UNH faculty from a range of disciplines who have integrated the Challenge into their courses in prior years. Topics include how to:

  • help students understand that racial equity and DEI are foundational aspects of a sustainable world
  • create dedicated time and space to build skill and will to address racial inequities
  • help students explore their own bias and gain a deeper understanding of how that influences thoughts, behaviors and practices
  • provide a pathway for embracing the intersectionality of our academic disciplines of curriculum and careers with our humanity in a more just and equitable way.

 Karen Spiller, Thomas W. Haas Professor of Sustainable Food Systems, UNH Sustainability Institute

Wed: 1/19/22

Navigating Difficult Classroom Experiences

As a public institution, we have both an obligation to honor freedom of speech and allow for healthy and respectful learning environments.  As our curriculums work to include more topics around diversity, equity and inclusion, triggers can occur which interrupt the lessons and derail important conversations.  Join us as we discuss the tools for addressing disruptive behaviors in the classroom and how to ensure you are working to foster a culture of belonging and learning for all.  

Nadine Petty, Ph.D., Associate Vice President of Community Equity and Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer  

Allyson Ryder, MPPM, Assistant Director of Community Equity and Diversity, and Adjunct Faculty, Granite State College

Thurs: 1/20/22

Universal Design for Learning – Designing for All Learners

Every learner is complex and unique, and has a unique way of learning. There is no “average,” and designing for average excludes learners with varied abilities and backgrounds. Universal Design for Learning is an inclusive approach to curriculum that minimizes barriers and maximizes learning for all students. In this interactive workshop, we will explore the principles and guidelines of the Universal Design for Learning Framework, and give participants the opportunity to connect guidelines to their teaching practice.

Scott Lapinski, Ph.D., M.Ed., Director of Student Accessibility Services

Scott Kimball, Manager: Learning Development and Innovation, CEITL


January Teaching Workshop Registration