January Teaching Workshops

January 2017 Workshop Schedule and Registration 

We invite you to join us for one or more of the January 2017 Workshops on College Teaching. Sessions will be held in the Memorial Union Building, Rm. 330/332 from 9 AM to 12:00 PM, followed by lunch and informal discussion. 

Note: The January 9th Workshop session: Leave Your Commercial Textbook Behind and Learn To Teach with Open Educational Resources  is an afternoon session, room 330/332 from 1:30 - 3:30pm.

The dates and topics for the 2017 Workshops are:

  • REGISTRATION CLOSED: Thursday, January 5 - Incorporating Attention to Documention/Citation in Writing Assignments
  • REGISTRATION CLOSED: Monday, January 9 - Active Learning in a Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) Classroom (morning session)
  • REGISTRATION CLOSED: Monday, January 9 - Leave Your Commercial Textbook Behind and Learn To Teach with Open Educational Resources (afternoon session)
  • REGISTRATION CLOSED: Wednesday, January 11 - Large Enrollment Courses: Energizing Student Learning through ACTION
  • REGISTRATION CLOSED: Thursday, January 12 - Experiential Learning
  • REGISTRATION CLOSED: Tuesday, January 17 - The Multi-Lingual Student in the University Classroom:  Faculty and Student Perspectives

Inclement Weather Policy:  If you have a question concerning whether the workshop will be held due to weather conditions, please call us at (603) 862-0233 between 8:00 – 9:00 am on the day of the session.  If you have any questions, send an email to us at: teaching.excellence@unh.edu




January 2017 Workshop Registration Form


Topics of the 2017 January Workshops 

REGISTRATION CLOSED: January 5: Incorporating Attention to Documentation/Citation in Writing Assignments

     Ed Mueller, Director, UNH Writing Program
Dimond Library:
     Kathrine Aydelott
     William Ross
Faculty Panelists: 
     Marieka Brouwer-Burg (Anthro)
     Leslie Curren (Bio)
     Shelley Girdner (Engl) 
     Marcos Del Hierro (Engl)
Of enduring interest, citation and documentation are among the most often mentioned concerns of both students and faculty. Not only about format and style, attention to citation and documentation happens at the confluence of multiple issues, such as information literacy, academic conventions, and questions of plagiarism.  We will engage in a morning of information, discussion, and application in this panel/workshop.  There will be a panel with representatives from The Writing Program, Dimond Library, EN401, and a cross-disciplinary group of faculty who will share their practices. Attendees will then workshop with colleagues on developing or revising their own materials or approaches.  Please bring an assignment (or an idea for an assignment), or a rubric or some other feedback system (or an idea for one), that you'd like to discuss, develop, or revise.    

REGISTRATION CLOSED: January 9:  Active Learning in Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) Classrooms

Co-sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and Academic Technology


     Patrick Hayden (Instructional Design and Development)
     Dawn Meredith (Physics)
     Pascal Orliac (Management)
     Stephen Trzaskoma (Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies)
     Christopher Way (Audiovisual Services)
Workshop Moderator: Victor Benassi (Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning)

Engaging students in active learning experiences in their courses promotes student engagement and fosters learning. There are many forms that active learning can take in virtually all fields and disciplines. These approaches include team-based learning, collaborative learning, project-based learning, game-based learning, cooperative learning, simulations, and many others. The development of technology enabled active learning (TEAL) spaces has brought new and expanded opportunities for teachers to engage students in active learning experiences, with the goal of fostering deep learning and critical thinking. First, Patrick Hayden (from Instructional Design and Development) and Christopher Way (from Audio Visual Services), will discuss how students benefit from active learning, introduce the TEAL approach, describe the new Hamilton-Smith TEAL Classrooms, and explore opportunities and challenges in teaching in a TEAL Classroom. Next, three faculty (Dawn Meredith, Pascal Orliac, and Stephen Trzaskoma) will describe examples of how technology can promote active learning and they will engage the workshop attendees in a discussion of how they might incorporate active learning approaches in their courses. Finally, the workshop will include time for participants to ask questions and seek advice from workshop leaders.

Note: Participants should bring, if possible, a laptop computer to the workshop.

REGISTRATION CLOSED: January 9:  Leave Your Commercial Textbook Behind and Learn To Teach with Open Educational Resources Time: 1:30pm-3:30pm​

     Jennifer Carroll - Collection Management Librarian, Dimond Library
     Dan Carchidi – Associate Director, UNH Academic Technology
OER Ambassadors:
     Mark Bonica - Assistant Professor, College of Health and Human Services
     Elizabeth Hebbard – Lecturer, College of Liberal Arts, Sarah Prescott - Associate Professor, UNH-Manchester
     Emile Talpin - Lecturer, College of Liberal Arts
In this session, we will introduce the concept of Open Educational Resources (OER) through the teaching experiences of faculty who have incorporated them within their courses. Following a brief introduction to Open Education and OER, UNH OER Ambassadors will provide practical examples and share their experiences on what it takes to shift from textbooks and other commercial content to free, open course content.  Participants will also have the opportunity to work closely with the OER Ambassadors and the OER support team members from Dimond Library, CETL, and AT - Instructional Design and Development to explore how they might incorporate OER in their own courses.  Participants are highly encouraged to bring their syllabus, textbooks and other course resources along with their laptops to make this working session most productive!

REGISTRATION CLOSED: Jan. 11: Large Enrollment Courses: Energizing Student Learning through ACTION

     Dr. Carol Hurney, Director of the Colby Center for Teaching & Learning 

Join Dr. Carol Hurney – biologist, large classroom instructor, and director of the Colby Center for Teaching & Learning – in an exploration of teaching tools that can be used to transform your large enrollment course into an interactive, learner-centered environment. You can create a dynamic, action-oriented, challenging, learning environment that fosters greater sense of ownership and personal investment in your students. This interactive workshop will introduce you a variety of effective ways to involve your large enrollment course in class discussions, post-reading activities, course content, and assessment of learning.  Finally, you will learn how to ensure that your course is increasing student awareness of their learning en route to achieving your most important course goals.

Academic Technology will present a short demonstration of i>clicker following Dr. Hurney's workshop.


REGISTRATION CLOSED: January 12:  Introduction to Experiential Learning

     Brent Bell, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Kinesiology: Outdoor Education program, University of New Hampshire.
     Daniel Langenthal, MA, MBA, Director of Experiential Education, Brandies University

     Alyssa Stalsberg Canelli, Ph.D., Assistant Director of Experiential Education, Brandies University. 

How do you create active and reflective learning opportunities in and out of the classroom to improve student outcomes and maintain engagement in your courses? Come learn about experiential learning pedagogy and how it facilitates student agency, belonging and competency. This interactive and collaborative workshop is an opportunity to identify challenges and share ideas with your fellow faculty to create deeper engagement with learning. 


REGISTRATION CLOSED: Jan. 17: The Multi-Lingual Student in the University Classroom: Faculty and Student Perspectives

     Sarah Jusseaume, Lecturer in English, ESL Institute
     Shane Baker – Academic Counselor, Paul College
     Matthew O’Hern, Assistant Professor, Marketing, Paul College
     Pascal Orliac, Lecturer, Management, Paul College
     Qiaoyan Yu, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
     John LaCourse, Professor/Chairperson, Electrical and Computer Engineering
     Hyun Jun Kim (Nathan), Accounting Major, Econ/Asian Studies minor, Paul College
     Jia Mo, Engineering Major, CEPS
     Ziyi Wen (Zoe), Business Administration, Paul College

     Qizhen Xie (Rex), B.A., Classics, ’16, COLA

In this session, participants will hear from international, multi-lingual students as well as professors from the Paul College of Business and Economics and the School of Engineering and Physical Science. The workshop will begin with a panel discussion from those experiencing the integration of international students first hand and will conclude with a workshop on practical solutions to making the class more accessible for all students.