Course Feedback Form Spring 2020

Course Feedback Form: Spring 2020

Information about the Spring 2020 End-of-Semester Course Feedback Form

  1. To receive end-of-semester student feedback for future remote learning and/face-to-face courses that you might teach you could ask:
    1. What was the most helpful to your learning?  
    2. What was the least helpful to your learning?
    3. What suggestions could you offer that would make this course a better learning experience for future students?

Add your own questions: The above questions are suggestions; faculty can add, remove and/or modify the questions. Faculty are welcome (as always) to include specific questions for which they have particular interest. Please list any additional questions you would like to add under the “Comments” window of the webform.

  • Platform: Students respond anonymously via a link to a Qualtrics form we have prepared
  • Report: This end-of-semester feedback will be provided in a report to professors on Monday, May 25 (after final grades have been submitted.)
  • Confidential report: Both the administration and report are completely confidential, and the report is returned only to faculty member
  • Consultation: Contact Catherine Overson if you would like to schedule a confidential consultation regarding your report

Scheduling a Course Feedback Form: 

  1. You may schedule a Course Feedback Form for any and all of your courses.
  2. We will make available an anonymous online form link (via Qualtrics) for your course for 48-hours on the scheduled date you provide in the form below.
  3. Please complete a separate form for each course and section for which you want to receieve feedback.

Use the Webform below to schedule your Course Feedback Form.