The Center is staffed by a director, a student learning outcomes assessment coordinator and MAP coordinator, a science of learning project coordinator, a graduate assistant/research associate, and four learning, development, and innovation staff members. Their names and profiles are provided below. 


Photo of Catherine Overson (aesthetic purposes only)

Catherine Overson, Ph.D.

Interim Director


(603) 862-0902





Elizabeth Tappin

Elizabeth Tappin, M.A. 

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Coordinator


(603) 862-4149






Lauren Kordonowy

Lauren Kordonowy, Ph.D.

Science of Learning Project Coordinator


(603) 862-4872




Jennifer Calawa

Jennifer Calawa, B.S., Ph.D. Candidate

Graduate Assistant and Research Associate









Scott Kimball

Manager / Learning Architect - Learning Development and Innovation









Michael McIntire, M.Ed.

Learning Architect, Media Specialist

Manager, Parker Media Lab








Xuan Cai

Learning Architect









Frances Keene

Instructional Designer










Past Directors