Student Hourly & Work Study FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What if I want to work in a specific department on campus?

If you are looking to work in a specific department on campus, but don't see a posting in Wildcat Careers, feel free to reach out to that department directly. Just because a department doesn't have postions posted, doesn't mean they won't be open to take a work study student.

2. Am I guaranteed a position on campus?

An award of Federal Work Study is not a guarantee of a job. These positions are competitive and it is up to the student to be pro-active in pursuing employment.

3. Can I work in more than one department during the year?

Students can work multiple work study jobs on/off campus at once when using their funding.

4. When will I get paid?

Students will receive their paychecks bi-weekly. 

5. I saw some postings on Wildcat Careers, will there be more posted later?

Departments will continue to post postions throughout the year. Make sure to keep checking Wildcat Careers regularly for new postings.

6. I'm an incoming new student, and unsure of how my schedule will work. When should I apply?

While work study jobs are competitive, more positions will be posted all throughout the year. Sometimes it's helpful to sit through your first week of classes before applying to ensure you can still commit to the same schedule.

7. I don't have Work Study, or I need more income, what can I do?

To explore more employment opportunities on or off campus, log into your Wildcat Careers account to search for positions or make an appointment with one of our career counselors.