UNH E-Club’s Start-Up & High-Growth Company Career Fair

Start-Up and High Growth Career Fair is March 9, 2020 at UNH's MUB

March 9, 2020
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Memorial Union Building | Strafford Room

In 2016, UNH opened the doors to its Entrepreneurship Center (ECenter). The ECenter is the co-curricular heart of ideas, innovation, and entrepreneurship at UNH. Its goal is to create the next generation of leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset who can see opportunities and identify creative solutions others have missed, one idea at a time. Although part of UNH, the ECenter is independent of any one college to allow for interdisciplinary collaboration. In 2017, the ECenter won an international award for the "Most Outstanding Emerging Entrepreneurship Center” from the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers.

The career fair at UNH just for start-ups and high-growth companies will help you find students with a wide range of skills and an understanding and passion for start-up environments.

Students’ entrepreneurial skill sets come from the academic and experiential learning that happens across campus in every college, regardless of major.

UNH E-Club’s Start-Up & High-Growth Company Career Fair Details

A career fair like no other you have been to at UNH!   

Co-sponsored by UNH Entrepreneurship Center (ECenter)UNH Entrepreneurship Club (student organization), and Career and Professional Success (CaPS).

You have the skill sets start-up and high-growth companies want in their hires: marketing, sales, finance, software development, customer service, and specific skills that relate to your major and their company focus. Start-up and high-growth companies are looking to hire students who are proven problem solvers, innovators, and have been engaged in these areas at UNH.

Why work at a start-up or high-growth company? 

1.      They pay!

2.      They have fast-paced and fun environments

3.      Usually, your career can progress faster as the company grows faster

4.      Generally, you can get more levels of responsibility due to the fact that start-ups/high-growth companies often need their employees to wear “multiple hats”  

5.      Start-ups look to hire talent in every category, but they’re flexible enough to see talent in people who don’t fit into a specific skill category—and find a role for that talented person

FREE! Come to UNH’s SECOND ANNUAL UNH E-Club's Start-up & High-Growth Company Career Fair on March 9 in the MUB Strafford Room.

BONUS: There will be raffles for cool swag and gift certificates 

WE NEED YOU TO BE A JUDGE: All companies will get on stage and give a “1-minute pitch” about the company and who they are looking to hire. ALL STUDENTS will vote on which start-up has the best pitch.  

Be a part of the innovative and entrepreneurship story at UNH and join us at the UNH E-Club's Start-Up & High-Growth Company Career Fair on March 9th. Register now!