Investing in the Future

Michael Cronin, Class of 2016
MIchael Cronin at Putnam Investments office

Describe your first few weeks and what the experience was like – What stands out for you? 

The first four weeks as an Investor Service Representative intern at Putnam Investments is completely reserved for an extensive training program. The employee development team in charge of the training program, first sought to get each employee acquainted with each other before jumping into our specific roles within the company. I was extremely impressed and excited as it became clear how hands on and interactive this internship opportunity would be. I definitely learned a lot during this period while strengthening a relationship with my new co-workers. By the end of the four week period, with all of the on-the-job training, role-playing, e-learning, and reinforcement, I was completely prepared to begin my role as a phone representative answering inbound calls from individual investors, broker/dealers, and financial advisors.

What’s it like working with professional staff and clients? – Provide specific examples of both if you can. 

Working with these professional individuals and clients provided me with a surplus of knowledge of the mutual fund industry. From my interactions with these professionals, I learned how fast-pace and constantly changing the industry and environment is. My professional colleagues serve as an abundant resource for any questions that I may have. The management team is extremely understanding and approachable and is willing to work with specific clients to achieve any unique needs they may have. It is also incredible the impact you can have on particular clients just through interaction over the phone. Investors are often impressed with client service representatives and ask to speak to management to relay the excellent service that they were provided with. My first “complimentary call” from a shareholder was a very rewarding feeling that provided me with the motivation to get even better at my role within Putnam Investments.

Describe skills you’re learning/applying – What’s different about your internship experience vs. your classes? 

The skills that I have developed since my start at Putnam Investments are numerous. I have become more advanced at Microsoft Excel, various Putnam applications, providing professional customer service, time management etc. My internship opportunity provided me with a hands-on experience that cannot be achieved strictly in the classroom. Although I have learned so much inside the building, I am also thankful for the knowledge that my UNH Finance and Economic courses have provided me to serve as a foundation of my future business-related endeavors.

Discuss one highlight of your internship experience. 

One opportunity that I am extremely thankful for during my current internship position is the ability to work with my supervisor and management team to visit other departments and locations to get an overall feel for the company. One example is the trip to the Putnam Investments office in Boston, MA. My entire training class got the privilege of spending the entire day meeting different employees and seeing the different environment of this location compared the our Andover, MA office. Even as an intern, I also have job shadowed different departments within the company that have extremely different roles than I do. The particular division I shadowed was the Dealer Marketing Services department. This experience helped me to realize that this is definitely a position I would enjoy pursuing once I graduate and am in search of full time employment.

Talk about one unique or cool thing people wouldn’t know about your internship or company. 

One aspect of Putnam Investments that may not be known is its affiliation with the New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, and US Olympic Ski Team. As a partner to these extremely successful teams, we, as employees, get to meet specific sports figures during the frequent outings and visits to the office. Nowhere else have I had the opportunity to hold the Lombardi trophy and the four most recent NFL Championship rings. We also receive unique memorabilia and different decorations to dress our cubicles with. Partnering with these successful teams, in turn leads to a happy work environment as well as promotes healthy competition among the different teams and departments on the “floor”, or operations center.