Interview Day

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This event provides the opportunity to streamline and expedite your recruitment process by selecting students at the fair and interviewing on campus just days after the Career & Internship Fair 


2018 Spring Interview Day Schedule

9:30am: Employer check in at registration table  

10:00am: Interviews begin (Timeslot #1) 
10:30am: Timeslot #2 
11:00am: Timeslot #3 
11:30am: 30 min break, lunch provided  
12:00pm: Timeslot #4  
12:30pm: Timeslot #5  
1:00pm: Timeslot #6 
1:30pm: Last interview (Timeslot #7) 

Event Details

  • All interviews will be 30 mins in duration. Employers are responsible for watching the time. 

  • Each representative can reserve one table. If you have an additional representative, employers are allowed one additional table. There is a two-table limit per employer.  

  • One employer can interview up to seven students throughout the event.  

  • All interviews prior to Career Fair will be scheduled via Wildcat Careers. Any additional slots can be filled at the Career Fair.  

  • CaPS staff will provide you a schedule at the Career Fair to fill in your blank time slots as you invite students to interview. Please note, students cannot switch times among themselves. Your schedule will be picked up by a Career and Professional Success staff member throughout the fair and an updated schedule will be provided the day of the event.  

  • There will be a 30-min break with complementary lunch. ​

*All positions will be pre-selected, allowing you the ability to hand-pick students in Wildcat Careers to interview prior to the career fair who meet your screening requirements.  



 1. Is this event invite-only? 
Yes, this is an invite-only first come, first served event. To ensure an invitation register for the Career Fair and select "yes" to the interview day question.   

2. What is the purpose of this event? 
To streamline your career fair recruiting process. You can meet students at the career fair and interview them two days later. Students can apply through Wildcat Careers to be considered for an interview prior to the career fair as well. Hello, easy hiring.   

3. Where do I register?

You can register for interview day here. Please fill out the registration form by Tuesday, February 20, 2018.  

4. Is there a cost associated with this event?
No, this is a free
 university-wide event.

5. Will parking be provided? 

Yes, parking is free and details will be sent to your email prior to your visit.  

6. Where is the event being held? 

The event will be held on the UNH Durham Campus in the Memorial Union Building’s Granite State room 

7. Who will be running the event? 

The office of Career and Professional Success staff will be supporting the event. They will be available for questions before, during and after the event.  


Thank you for your interest in UNH students! If you have any further questions please reach out to Career and Professional Success at