Wildcat Careers is intended for positions suitable to students and recent graduates. Please only post positions that require 4 years experience and under. Postings must include the following:

  • Opportunity type (full time, part time, paid vs. unpaid internship, etc.)
  • Description to convey nature and requirements of the position with sufficient detail
  • Location of position

The following types of positions will NOT be approved for the University of New Hampshire and Wildcat Careers:

  • At-home based work for a private individual (internships, baby-sitter, private tutor, care-taker, nanny etc.)
  • Commission-only pay structure
  • Multi-level Marketing
  • Volunteer only based
  • Paid and/or voluntary research participants for any type of study or research
  • Charge a placement fee or investment prior to employment
  • Unspecified organization name or location (Third Party Recruiters, see below)

Employer account registrations must include the following:

  • Organization Name
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Title
  • Official Organization Email Address. Registrations with personal email address (@gmail.com, @yahoo.com, @hotmail.com, etc.) will not be approved
  • Organization website if applicable
  • Primary office phone number and address
  • Third-party recruiters must disclose the name(s) of the client that they are representing and to whom the applicants’ credentials will be disclosed. When posting a position in Wildcat Careers, please email Meghan O'Shaughnessy the name of the client. The position will not be approved until this is given.
  • Career and Professional Success must be able to verify that the third party is recruiting for a legitimate job opportunity
  • For further details please, refer to NACE’s Principals for Third-Party Recruiters  

The University of New Hampshire posts advertisements and notices of internship and field experience opportunities as a service to students. The postings contain information created and maintained solely by other public and private organizations. The University does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of this outside information.

The University of New Hampshire has no formal relationship or agreement with the any of the placement sites and programs advertised or posted here, nor does it have any supervisory or administrative role in any of these programs. The University of New Hampshire does not review, nor does it render an opinion as to the safety, quality, and academic merit of any of these internship or field experience programs and placement sites and in no way represents or acts as agent for any of the internship or field experience placement sites whose notices or advertisements are attached or posted.

Students assume all responsibility to investigate and to become informed of all aspects of the internships and field experience opportunities posted, and the University of New Hampshire assumes no liability for any loss, damage, illness, or personal injury, including pain, suffering, and death, that may be sustained by students in the course of participating in an internship or field experience posted by the University.