Information Sessions and Informational Tabling

Recruit the Wildcat Way by coming on campus to build brand awareness and market open positions. Select Request Event in Handshake and let us do the work for you! All requests are to be made 3 weeks prior to the desired date to ensure successful marketing to students. 



Raise brand awareness, market open positions, and meet new students by reserving a table in a high traffic student area. Services provided include:

  • Table and chairs
  • Location reservation
  • Convenient parking
  • Student marketing campaign
  • Day of logistics

See best practices below for ways to increase your attendance. 

  1. Discuss company highlights or open positions with a targeted group of students by reserving a room on campus.

Services provided include:

  • Location reservation
  • Convenient parking
  • Student marketing campaign
  • Day of logistics

See best practices below for ways to increase your attendance. 

Login to your Handshake  account

View a step by step guide to request an event (on campus informational tabling/information session)

Additional Information:

  • All on campus informational  tabling/information sessions requests will have the format as on campus  and school hosted as University of New Hampshire 
  • For on campus informational tabling, please select type as employer on-site and in the Name- add "Informational Tabling Event" after your organization name
  • For information sessions, please select type as information session and in the Name- add "Info Session" after your organization name
  • Once the event is created, it will be sent for approval to Career and Professional Success. You will be notified via email within 3 business days.
  • Post your position(s) prior to making a request so we can market your on campus visit with your position.
  • Include as much information as possible in the description section of your request in Handshake for students. If you are an employer that can message students and/or download resumes, you can also reach out students ahead of the date that you will be on campus. Student messaging and resume information can be found here.
  • Email Employer Relations with any company marketing content and include social media handles so we can get your brand out to students as best as possible.
  • We can not guarantee attendance for information sessions or informational tabling. If you are new to campus, start with informational tabling to increase your brand awareness and have students sign up if they are interested in attending a future information session.
  • Informational Tabling suggested days and times: 3 hour blocks, TWTH, 10AM to 3PM -  CLICK HERE for black out dates
  • Information Session suggested days and times:  1 hour block, TWTH, 1130AM to 1PM and 4PM to 6PM -  CLICK HERE for black out dates
  • What to bring: company flyers, job descriptions, computer with company slide show, branded table cloth, branded signs, notebook for student interest sign ups (we will not be able to print materials day of)
  • Students love SWAG (stuff we all get) - t-shirts, pens, phone accessories, notebooks
  • Students love FREE FOOD – pizza, donuts, candy (you are responsible for bringing it and cleaning up)


quested at least 3 weeks in advance to your interview date