Master of Arts in Justice Studies Tuition & Fees

The cost of the MAJS program is tuition for 3 semesters. Students will be charged full-time semester tuition for the Fall and Spring semesters and a half semester's tuition for each of the two summer semesters. Mandatory fees and health insurance charges will be based on actual credit hour rates. Courses taken for audit are charged at the same rate as for-credit courses.

MAJS students who register for more than 16 credit hours will be charged per credit hour for each credit over 16. The charges will be calculated at the student's current semester tuition rate. This applies to both courses taken for credit or audit.

Full-time UNH students are required to have adequate health insurance as a condition of enrollment. A charge for the UNH Student Health Benefits Plan will appear on full-time student accounts. Students presenting proof of adequate coverage from another insurance carrier may waive the UNH plan. Students with F1 or J1 visas are required to use the UNH plan. For information on the UNH Student Health Benefits Plan see Health Insurance. Note: Students who begin the program in summer will be charged a pro-rated fee for summer insurance coverage. Students wishing to waive coverage under the UNH plan should contact UNH Health & Wellness.

Visit the Justice Studies Program website for more information about the MAJS Program. LR40


Class of 2022 Tuition

  Summer 2021 Fall 2021 Spring 2022 Summer 2022
NH Resident $3,542.50 $7,085.00 $7,085.00 $3,542.50
Out-of-State Resident $3,897.50 $7,795.00 $7,795.00 $3,897.50

Technology Fee

Number of Credits Per Semester
9-16 credits $105.00
5-8 credits $52.50
1-4 credits $26.00

Mandatory Fees

Number of Credits Per Semester
9-16 credits $986.00
5-8 credits $493.00
  • Mandatory fees are not charged for students registered for 4 credits or fewer. However, those students will be charged a technology fee of $26.00 per term.
  • See Information on Fees for fee details.

Other Fees That May Apply:

  • Continuous Enrollment Fee - $200: Unless a leave of absence is granted, graduate students are required to maintain continuous enrollment each semester of the academic year until their degree is formally awarded by registering for course credits, research, or continuing enrollment.
  • Health Insurance Fee: UNH has a health insurance requirement as a condition of enrollment for all full-time (9 or more credits per traditional semester) graduate degree students. Students will have the option of waiving the requirement by presenting proof of adequate insurance through another plan. Students who want to waive out of the plan are required to complete the enrollment/waiver form and should do so before the start of classes. For information on the UNH Student Health Benefits Plan see Health Insurance.
  • Course Fees: Specific courses may have additional course fees. Visit the course schedule for more information.