Summer & January Term

2021/2022 Academic Year Tuition Per Credit Hour

Please visit the Registrar's Office's Summer Session or January Term pages for more information on summer session dates and deadlines. This page is applicable to UNH students in a degree program - there are separate policies pertaining to Continuing Education tuition.

  • Includes Health Professions Post-Baccalaureate Programs in Durham and Manchester
  • Special programs pay their program rates
  • Tuition rates listed below are per credit hour

Undergraduate NH Resident

Up to 11 credits

Undergraduate Non-Resident

Up to 11 credits

Graduate NH Resident

Up to 8 credits

Graduate Non-Resident

Up to 8 credits

Fall/J-Term/ Spring /Summer 2021-2022

$471.00 per credit  $532.00 per credit $550.00 per credit $605.00 per credit

2021/2022 Mandatory Fees

  • Mandatory Fees (up to 11 credits)
    • Students in any on-campus courses: $103.00 Mandatory Fee
    • Students in only remote courses: $28.00 Mandatory Fee
  • Other fees: 
    • Registration fee: $20.00
    • Technology fee is based on number of credits:
      • 1-4 credits: $26.00
      • 5-8 credits: $52.50
      • 9 credits or more: $105.00