Information Relative to Prorated Refunds for Spring Semester


UNH Manchester students and parents can find information about refunds that are specific to that campus here.

  • University housing charges – 50% of original charge
    • Students who are still in university housing are not eligible for a refund
  • University meal plans
    • 50% of original charge for unlimited plans (Core, Campus, Premier)
    • Actual unused portions of Dining Dollars associated with Campus or Premier plans
    • Actual unused portions of Swipe Plans and Dining Dollars
    • Students who are continuing to use university meal plans are not eligible for a refund
  • Mandatory fees – 50% of the following fees will be refunded
    • Athletic Fee
    • Transportation Fee
    • Memorial Union Fee
    • Campus Recreation Fee
    • Student Activity Fee for Durham, Manchester and School of Law
    • UNH Manchester Parking/Security Fee
  • Course fees – for fees $75 or more, unused portions where expenses were not already incurred, as calculated by academic departments.  The following course fees are not being refunded:
    • Course fees for consumables that have been received, including instructional materials
    • Background checks, exam fees
    • Fees for trips that have already happened
    • Course fees less than $75
  • Parking permits for Durham students – 50% of spring semester portion, for the following eligible charges:
    • Campus Resident Permits
    • Non-Resident Permits
    • Gables, Woodside, West Edge

A credit balance may not show on your account for a variety of reasons, including:

  • If any of the charges were paid for by the University, you will not have been credited for this.  Some examples include:
    • Residence Hall Assistants and Apartment Assistants that receive full waivers for room and board
    • Some student athletes that receive full waivers for room and board
    • Some ROTC students that receive waivers for full room and board
  • If any of the refunded charges are paid for by a third-party entity/agency, the payment from the third-party provider is adjusted and they will be sent a refund check.  Some examples include:
    • Veterans Benefits
    • Staff and Dependent Tuition Waivers
  • Tuition charges have not been refunded; students will receive the expected academic credits for spring semester
  • Refund amounts for charges that were covered by waivers or other sources will be returned to those sources

View your account through the Billing menu in Webcat

  • If the adjustment has resulted in a credit balance, a direct deposit refund can be sent to your bank account. Select “Request Direct Deposit Refund to Student” on the Account View; direct deposits generally arrive in about 4 - 5 business days
  • Be careful when submitting your bank account and routing number so the funds are deposited to the correct account
  • You may choose to leave the refund balance in your student account to be applied to a future bill
  • An instructional powerpoint on how to request your refund 

Consider using your refund to pay down a portion of your loans.  You can either take the direct deposit refund and pay your lender yourself or you can request that UNH return your refund to your lender.  If you want UNH to return your refund, please click here.

If you pay through the Nelnet/TMS monthly payment option, your April payment may be eliminated or reduced by the refund.  If your payment is automatically withdrawn from your bank account please contact Nelnet/TMS to adjust or cancel the payment.  (800-722-4867 M-F 7am-9pm Central Time)