Dec 2017 BCoE Newsletter


I am not surprised by the news last month that the FCC will do away with net neutrality at a meeting in mid-December, giving incumbent ISPs such as telcos and cable operators a nice Christmas present for this year. Rather than a gift, it seems to me like its coal in the stocking for up-and-coming entrepreneurs and businesses who may lack the clout to potentially have to buy their way into what could become the next pay-per-play communications environment. We have a brief report on the anticipated vote below, with a link to some extensive BCoE work we reported on in July.

On a more positive note, my colleague Paul Nikolich continues to report progress from the IEEE community as it churns ahead on important standards for next gen networks.

Thank you all for your time spent reading our newsletter and your comments this year. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2018.

Rouzbeh Yassini
Published Date: 
December, 2017
Document Type: 
White Paper