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    Intelligent Cities Enabled by Broadband


Quality of life improvements are enabled by ubiquitous, low cost, end-to-end broadband connectivity.

The UNH Broadband Center of Excellence believes peoples’ lives are improved by having access to affordable, ubiquitous broadband connections.  Similar to electricity a century ago, broadband is the driver for this generation’s modern revolution. The broadband ecosystem already touches every aspect of our personal lives and work environment. Whether it’s entertainment, communication, social networking, emergency response, healthcare, energy management, business transactions, homeland security, or making family plans, broadband is the basis of connectivity.

Yet the broadband revolution still remains in its early stages; more than 4 billion global citizens remain unserved or underserved. We are poised to help it reach the next level of its evolution by working with colleagues committed to creating the myriad of services, policies, technologies and infrastructure needed to make this a reality.

Dr. Yassini on the present and future of how broadband connects the world.

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