Selected papers and reports

Selected papers and reports

Intelligent takes and original research on all things broadband.

Deployment and Usage

Pew Home broadband 2015 (Pew Internet Center, Dec. 21, 2015)

Libraries' Increasing Role in Broadband Adoption (Benton Foundation, Jan. 2016)

Broadband Privacy: The Folly of Sector-Specific Rules (Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, March 1, 2016) 


Network Performance and Capabilities

Akamai’s state of the Internet report (Akamai, Q2, 2016 64 pages)

2015 Measuring broadband America Fixed report (FCC, December 30, 2015)

Internet of People (Rouzbeh Yassini, Broadband Library Winter 2014)


Accessibility and Affordability

The 2015-2016 Affordability Report (A4A1, Alliance for Affordable Internet, 2015-2016)

Why Broadband Discounts for Data are Pro-Consumer (Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, April 15, 2016)


Applications and Innovation

BroadbandUSA: An introduction to effective public-private partnerships for broadband investments (National Telecommunications and Information Administration January 2015)