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    Working to expand broadband’s reach to the unserved and under-served

Rural Broadband Initiative

For bandwidth hungry Americans, the vast majority of whom have no or one broadband provider, the quest for 25 megabits per second broadband remains underway. Considering the economic benefits that researchers see accruing to people with adequate broadband service, the expansion of broadband by wireless or non-traditional means cannot come fast enough.

There are efforts afoot in New Hampshire to build upon its top 10% ranking among states with regard to broadband top connection speeds. In addition, more research and development of ubiquitous broadband intelligence is being pursued by BCoE and other broadband-focused entities within the state. 

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The Broadband Center of Excellence serves as an unbiased source of information about broadband for the public and for community leaders. We seek to help millions of people improve their lives through broadband, a proven positive force on economic growth, business success and quality of life. 

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