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    Finding the path, conducting the search to achieve ubiquitous broadband 


BcoE and the UNH broadband community stoke the process of scientific research with a goal of helping achieve smart campuses, intelligent cities, connected highways and vehicles, and advances in telemedicine.  It also can be expected that an entity like BCoE, as a privately funded part of that university and with its unique goal of facilitating collaborative work, will channel volumes of research through its own laboratories and field trials.

After all, the work on expanding broadband wireless technologies, smart campuses and other smart projects of the 21st Century warrants study in order to accelerate economic growth and to improve quality of life for all citizens. 

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The Broadband Center of Excellence serves as an unbiased source of information about broadband for the public and for community leaders. We seek to help millions of people improve their lives through broadband, a proven positive force on economic growth, business success and quality of life. 

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