What Is the Internet of Things? An Economic Perspective

I was always skeptical about the buzzword Web 2.0 - at least, it seemed like nothing more than a buzzword to me, until I read the paper from O`Reilly titled What is Web 2.0? (O'Reilly, 2005). Until then, I thought of Web 2.0 as a collection of a few fuzzy concepts some people gave a new name, just to plant a new tree in an already crowded Internet garden in order to attract unjustified attention. However, after reading the paper and understanding the concepts of user participation and service orientation more deeply, I became a convert. To me, the term Web 2.0 now provides a natural and important bracket around the design patterns and business models of the next level in Internet technology and usage.  

Elgar Fleisch, ETH Zurich
Published Date: 
January, 2012
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